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We carry many products to support therapists, activities professionals, and/or memory care providers to flourish. Check out our resources to help implement Dementia Capable Care including our Dementia Care Specialists exclusives and our extensive line of Claudia Allen’s Cognitive Disabilities Model/Allen Cognitive Level tools.

Featured Products:

  • Dementia Care Specialists Exclusive: Cognitive Assessment Tool Guide (CATG)
  • Allen’s Cognitive Disability Model Product: Allen Cognitive Level Screen (ACLS) Manual-5 with Large ACLS

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Product #: ASTL0001

DCS Exclusive: Cognitive Assessment Tool Guide (CATG)

Designed to help discover a person's cognitive level by organizing skilled observations into indicators of an Allen Cognitive Level. or the Adapted FAST. Gathering skilled observations from multiple situations will provide the most accurate result. Consider cross walking the result with other Allen Cognitive Assessments and/or the Adapted FAST.

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Product #: : PKGS0580

ACLS Manual-5 with LACLS-5 and Scoring Tri-fold Card

This 2nd Edition Manual package includes the LACLS-5 and the scoring Trifold. The 2nd edition doubles the content in the 2007 edition and includes updated terminology and research; expanded sections on theory, verifying, and assigning scores; and the inclusion of the Disposable LACLS-5 information.

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Upcoming DCC-CI Classes

The train is trainer program allows you to empower others with specialized knowledge and skills to optimize the function and quality of life of those living with dementia
Virtual Event

Upcoming DCCS Classes

Become a specialist! Earn credit and credentials and proudly display your dementia specialized knowledge & skills.

The Many Ways a Dementia Capable Workforce Can Transform Outcomes & Create Other Positive Changes.


Enjoy perspectives and insights from our Founder and President Kim Warchol and our entire team of passionate experts and esteemed partners.

Blog Article

Effective Ways to Implement Person-Centered Dementia Care, and Why it Matters!

Person-centered care can be simply defined as “Putting the person first.” The person first? “Before what,” you might ask.
Blog Article

The GUIDE Model Brings New Help for Caring for a Loved One with Dementia at Home: The Challenges and Possibilities

Blog Article

Preparing the Holidays for People Living with Dementia

Holidays are a time for fun, food, music, decorations, and gatherings of family and friends. Let's discuss some changes people with dementia may experience.

St. Croix Hospice

Having the extra dementia training does set us apart when we serve facilities that do not have clinically licensed or trained staff. They are always grateful for our expertise in the building. They need that extra assistance to appropriately care for these complex residents.

Our Partners are Leading the Way in Creating a Dementia Capable Society

It has never been more essential to create a Dementia Capable Society—a community in which everyone from all walks of life has the skills to help people with dementia feel valued, secure, and loved. These leaders have earned one or more of our specialized credentials or recognitions. We thank them for their partnership and applaud their commitment to making the world a better place for those living with dementia and their loved ones!

Video Library

Enjoy a variety of videos including those created for you by our Dementia Care Specialists team and others created by our partners regarding how they have used one or more of our Dementia Capable Care Solutions.

Distress Behaviors - All Behavior Has Meaning

All behavior has meaning. All behavior is communication. We must figure out what a person with dementia is saying through their "behavior."

Person-Centered Care and Personhood

The terms Person-Centered Care and Personhood are similar, but they are different. Both are foundations for quality care. 

Claudia Allen's Cognitive Disabilities Model

"Learning Claudia Allen's Cognitive Disability Model was nothing short of life-changing" - Kim Warchol

Free Resources

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The Garden eBook for Persons Living With Dementia

For persons living with dementia or other cognitive challenges, purposeful activities that relate to nature and gardening can be very therapeutic.
E-Book Download

How to Create a Personalized Playlist for Your Loved One

At all stages of dementia, music is powerful! Familiar music can tap into positive emotional memories, create connections, and improve communication.
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10 Communication Tips For Dementia Caregivers

Communicating effectively with a person with dementia requires a respectful, person-centered approach and skilled adaptations for cognitive level.
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Thriving with Dementia

Living well with dementia is a realistic and achievable goal. Let’s work together to make it happen!

Life Story Questionnaire

This questionnaire is a great tool to help provide person-centered care for those living with dementia.
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