Training, certification, tools, and support to help you lead the industry with high quality, person-centered dementia care.

Dementia Care Specialists at Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI) is a leader in evidence-based, person-centered, ability-focused dementia and de-escalation training and consulting services. Our impactful training and credentialing programs teach CPI’s Crisis Development Model℠ and Allen’s Cognitive Levels to optimize function and quality of life, and to prevent or de-escalate distress behaviors. We strive to create a Dementia Capable Society that enables those living with dementia, their loved ones, and caregivers to thrive!



CPI Dementia Capable Care Training



Dementia Care Specialists Helps St. Croix Hospice Set the Bar for Quality Care

Kim Warchol, Founder and President of Dementia Care Specialists

Philosophy of Training

“We focus on what those living with dementia can still do, awakening their strengths and potential at every dementia stage. We enable them to engage in meaningful activities at their best ability and to thrive.
Together, we can create a Dementia Capable Society.”

-Kim Warchol, Founder and President of Dementia Care Specialists

Dementia Capable Care Training Programs

Each Dementia Capable Care Training Program includes knowledge and skills you need in 3 critical areas:

  • Dementia Training: The Dementia Capable Care Model teaches caregivers how to support persons at every stage of dementia using remaining abilities.
  • Person-Centered Care Training: Shifts the care approach to focus on personhood and what individuals at all cognitive levels CAN DO, awakening their individuality, strengths, and potential.
  • Behavior Training: Provides learners with prevention and de-escalation strategies to address distress behaviors without the use of chemical or physical restraints helping to maintain safety for all.
Dementia Caregiver

Training Certifications We Offer

Learners will gain knowledge and skills to be able to optimize function, safety, and quality of life for
those you serve and certifications to distinguish yourself as a leader.


Dementia Capable Care Specialist Credential (DCCS)

Dementia Capable Care Specialist Credential Training:

Learners can apply the Dementia Capable Care Model to optimize function, safety, and quality of life through person-centered and cognitively supportive approaches using the Allen Cognitive Levels and Model. Additionally, you can apply CPI’s Crisis Development Model℠ to prevent and de-escalate distress behaviors and support families.

Verified Digital Badge Earned:

Group 8129.png  Dementia Capable Care Specialist Credential (DCCS)

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 Dementia Capable Care Certified Instructor (DCC-CI)

Dementia Capable Care Instructor Training:

As a Certified Instructor successful completion will enable you to train our Dementia Capable Care 2nd Edition program to others. (The certified Instructor will award their successful participants a DCCS paper certification.)

Verified Digital Badge Earned:

Group 8129.png  Dementia Capable Care Specialist Credential (DCCS)
Group 8129.png  Dementia Capable Care Certified Instructor (DCC-CI)

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Distinguish your organization. An organization will be able to earn a
credential and a verified digital badge.

About Dementia Care Specialists

Our Mission is to enable those living with dementia, their loved ones, and care partners to thrive!

Dementia Care Specialists (DCS) was founded in 1998 by Kim Warchol, an occupational therapist specializing in aging and dementia care. Kim had a vision of making the world a better place for those living with dementia and their loved ones by helping to create a confident and competent workforce and preparing the organizations with the processes, systems and tools needed to provide person-centered, abilities focused dementia care.

Kim and her team joined the Crisis Prevention Institute in 2009 and we are proud to be a division of the Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI). Worldwide, CPI has hundreds of employees, over 40,000 CPI Certified Instructors, and 15 million CPI trained professionals.

Our highly experienced and passionate DCS training and consulting team is made up of health care professionals, many from the field of occupational therapy, who have expertise in person-centered care, dementia care, de-escalation, and aging. We are excited to partner with you to develop the confidence and competence to provide quality assessment, treatment, and care to those living with dementia.

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Partner With Us

Do you share our mission of making the world a better place for those living with dementia?

If so, we hope you will choose us, because working together we CAN create a dementia capable workforce. We look forward to locking arms with like-minded partners who truly want to make a difference by providing the highest quality care. Together we can make it happen.

Passionate Partners

We’re here for you

  • Help you achieve your goals & positive outcomes
  • Work together to solve your problems & work through challenges
  • Distinguish yourself from others as a specialist and leader

High Quality

Premium Program

  • Training & tools developed by instructional designers & clinical experts
  • Delivered by skilled trainers and experienced consultants
  • Pre and post support team and (services) available for you

Experience & Evidence Matters

Trusted and Actionable

  • Built upon Allen Cognitive Disabilities Model, Person-Centered Care, Crisis Development Model℠, Activity Adaptation and other highly regarded principles
  • Well known experts and innovators in dementia care, functional cognition and behavior de-escalation
  • Well known experts and innovators in dementia care, functional cognition and behavior de-escalation
Individual’s Training

if you are looking for specialized skills, recognition, and continuing education.


Training For Individuals

Organizational Training

if your goal is to impact many through our train-the-trainer approach.


Training For Organizations

Dementia Care Instructors

Quality Of Instructors

“ Our instructor/consultant always makes the classes interactive and keeps us engaged. We love working with Dementia Care Specialists.”

A testimonial about Dementia Care Specialists

Stephanie Jukic

RCFE Administrator, Director of Residential Services at Town and Country Senior Living Community

Best In Class Instructors

Our Senior Consultants/Implementation Specialists/Global Professional Instructors are experienced subject matter experts, skilled instructors, and facilitators.

As examples our training and consulting team is:

  • Highly proficient in all four Domains of The Danielson Framework for Teaching, which was developed to identify the aspects of a teacher's responsibilities to promote improved student learning in: Planning and preparation, Classroom environment, Instruction and Professional responsibilities.
  • Skilled at learner engagement, using the instructional techniques provided in the training, as well as adapting to the learners needs in real-time.
  • Confident utilizing a variety of training approaches, activities, and debriefing techniques to help deepen the learners understanding and appreciation of the content and approach.
  • Experienced working with all levels of healthcare staff such as executives, nurses, occupational therapists, activities, social workers, and nursing aides. This experience comes from working as an employee in a healthcare setting as well as their role with DCS as a consultant and trainer.

Best In Class Support

In addition to our extensive customer care team at CPI, you receive the personal touch of having access to our Dementia Care Specialists account managers. This is a vital role to support our partners. This team is there to answer your questions, provide guidance, and to help you to meet your goals. If you have any questions, our account managers will either know the answer or direct you to the person who can best support you. We are here for you.

Dementia Caregiver

We Are Always By Your Side!

“The (DCS at CPI) Account Manager not only made the contracting process go extremely smooth, but she also remains in touch with our site to ensure that our learning needs continue to be met.”

Testimonial about Crisis Prevention Institute

Lynn Martin

RN, MS, PMH-CNS Psychiatric & MH-Clinical Nurse Specialist at the Community Living Center at San Francisco VA Medical Center


Industries We Serve

Our solutions prepare the workforce, the care system, and the environment in the following
industries that serve or support individuals living with dementia


Individuals Working In Healthcare

Those who provide indirect or direct care for individuals with dementia and are seeking to further their knowledge for personal growth, professional credit, or recognitions.

  • Occupational Therapists
  • Nurses
  • Executive Directors
  • Activities Professionals
  • And More

See Solutions:

As an individual who wants to specialize in dementia, we have training and resources for you:

Group 8189.png

Dementia Capable Care Specialist Credential Program

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Group 8132.png

Dementia Capable Care Certified Instructor Program

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Assessment and Implementation Products

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Provider Organizations:

Organizations who provide care for individuals with Alzheimer's Disease or other dementias. These can include but not limited to:

  • Memory Care
  • Rehab Therapy Agencies
  • Skilled Nursing Facilities
  • Home Health
  • Assisted Living
  • Geriatric Behavior Health

See Solutions:

As a provider who wants to lead and distinguish as passionate experts in memory care, we have solutions for you:

Group 8132.png

Dementia Capable Care Certified Instructor Program

Learn More

WORKFLOW [Converted] 1.png

Care System

Learn More

Building 1.png

Environmental Design Consultation

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Preparatory Organizations

Organizations who educate healthcare workers.

  • Colleges
  • Universities
  • Nursing Assistant Training Centers
  • And more!

See Solutions:

As an institution who wants to lead the way creating a dementia capable workforce and society, we have solutions for you:

Group 8132.png

Dementia Capable Care Certified Instructor Program

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Layer_1 (1).png

Allen Cognitive Disability Model and Person-Centered Care Products

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Ancillary Organizations

Organizations who provide services or consultation to those who provide care for individuals with dementia including:

  • Architects
  • Designers
  • Consultants
  • And More!

See Solutions:

As an organization or consultant who wants to specialize in dementia, we have solutions for you:

Group 8189.png

Dementia Capable Care Specialist Credential Program

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Building 1.png

Environmental Design Consultation

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Layer_1 (2).png

Customized consultation, coaching, and/or mentorship

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are here to help. If you have questions, please review our FAQ’s. If you cannot find the answer, please contact us.

You will receive a Certificate of Completion documenting the Contact Hours and IACET CEUs for completing Dementia Capable Care training, along with any pre-approved Boards. For more information on specific pre-approved Continuing Education and Training Boards, visit our Continuing Education Information page.

Your learners can earn IACET CEUs for completing the online course (which is the first part of our blended delivery training). For CEUs from the Live Classroom or Virtual training, the Certified Instructor should apply to relevant Board(s) for their learners. To learn more about applying for CEU approval for your learners, log in to My Account.

Having the Dementia Capable Care Specialist Credential means that you:

  • Are formally recognized to apply Dementia Capable Care training within your organization.
  • Are established as a dementia training professional who values comprehensive learning and enhancing your expertise.
  • Are committed to delivering person-centered care for those living with dementia, and you are devoted to the health, safety and welfare of persons at all stages of dementia.

The Dementia Capable Care Specialist Credential can be earned in one of two ways:

  1. You successfully complete and pass the Dementia Capable Care training program (approximately 7 hours of training) delivered by a DCC Certified Instructor. This credential can be obtained by both Certified Instructors and participants who receive training from the Certified Instructor.
  2. You register for, and successfully complete and pass, the Dementia Capable Care Specialist Credential Training program (approximately 8 hours of training). This training program is delivered directly by a DCS Global Professional Instructor and is designed for non-instructors who wish to receive the DCC Specialist Credential without a need to train others.

This credential can be earned by any health care professional who is responsible for providing care to those living at different stages of dementia. If you would like more information about offering training to family members or loved ones, please contact us.

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