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Meet a Dementia Capable Care Superstar

In this new blog series “Meet a Dementia Capable Care Superstar”, we will introduce you to individuals and organizations who are going above and beyond, to create a dementia capable workforce and to deliver high quality care and services.

Twin Cities Care – An Organization You Should Get to Know

In this inaugural blog of this new series, we are delighted to introduce you to Twin Cities Care. Twin Cities Care is the number one local eldercare referral agency in the Twin Cities in Minnesota. Their experienced eldercare advisors help Minnesota families find Assisted Living, Memory Care, and more.

This organization is special. Why? Because of their true commitment to being the best for those they serve. Jonathan Rosenberg is the owner and founder of Twin Cities Care. He has pledged, “Our most valuable business asset is our reputation, so we never cut corners or put our profits above the interests of our clients. THAT’S A PROMISE.”

Twin Cities Care is definitely following through on that promise. As examples, they have been named WINNER of the prestigious BBB Torch Awards for Ethics, small business category! And they made a commitment to training their entire team in Dementia Capable Care, to ensure their team is prepared to serve the large number of clients and their families who are living with dementia. They recently earned our Dementia Capable Care – Workforce Leader recognition. That kind of compassionate commitment is rare, and that’s why Twin Cities Care is a Dementia Capable Care Superstar.

An Interview with Jonathan Rosenberg, Owner and Founder of Twin Cities Care

We had the privilege of interviewing Jonathan. He shed some light on the reasons why it mattered so much for his elder care senior living referral agency to become a recognized Dementia Capable Care – Workforce Leader. Let’s hear what Jonathan had to say,

What were the problems you were looking to address by partnering with us and training your team in Dementia Capable Care?

At Twin Cities Care, we are on a mission to improve the quality of life of our seniors. When families call us to find placement for their loved ones, they typically say “I am looking for a place for my loved one with dementia. Can you recommend a memory care facility?” but what they are really looking for is an environment where their loved one can not only be physically safe but also thrive socially and emotionally. Dementia Capable Care training by Dementia Care Specialists at Crisis Prevention Institute, advocates for a person-centered approach to dementia care, and this approach really aligns with our mission.

What is your definition of high-quality memory/dementia care?    

Here in the Twin Cities, we are lucky to have a large number of specialized memory care communities and smaller residential care homes that go beyond physically secured neighborhoods that safeguard seniors with exit seeking behaviors. These specialized homes understand the concept of “emotional safety” and view their residents as individuals with distinct psychosocial requirements. They usually offer a wider range of dementia-focused activities for their residents as well as require specialized dementia training for both their direct caregiving staff and their administrative staff.  We often try to steer our clients towards these communities because we know they can provide a higher quality of life for their loved ones thanks to their expanded programming and their focused approach to training, as well as being able to care for their loved ones as they progress on their dementia journey.  

Why is dementia training (training that is person-centered and focused on supporting people at different dementia stages and preventing and de-escalating “behaviors” without drugs) so important?

Too often, direct caregivers at senior living communities are completely unprepared for the challenges of serving those with memory issues and other cognitive challenges. This can be especially true for caregivers at non-specialized assisted living communities and those who have never had a personal experience with a loved one with dementia. They don’t know what to expect nor do they have the tools needed to balance supporting the person's emotional needs versus their own needs. Specialized dementia training is absolutely critical for improving daily interactions between residents and caregivers, reducing the emotional burden on caregivers, and preventing caregiver burnout.

How does earning the Dementia Capable Care - Workforce Leader recognition help you to achieve your goals and attract clients?

The process of finding a new home for a loved one with dementia is extremely daunting to families. It is critical for our Care Managers to establish trust right away so the family knows their loved one is in good hands and there is proverbial light at the end of the tunnel. Knowing that every single person on our team has completed Dementia Capable Care training is a meaningful signal to families, showing that we are intentional in our approach and they can have peace of mind knowing we will find that special community where their loved one’s needs will be fully met.

On the other side of the equation, we are also accountable to social workers who are our main source of client referrals. Just yesterday, we had a distinct privilege of presenting to a large group of social workers at the Mayo Clinic. We felt lucky to be able to share our mission with such a dedicated and impactful group of professionals and we were particularly proud to let them know that our whole team is Dementia Capable Care certified.


We hope you will get to know Jonathan and his team at Twin Cities Care. I think there is so much to admire and a great deal to learn from this fine organization as they blaze their success path emboldened with real commitment to quality and those they serve. We sincerely thank Jonathan and his team for all they do to make the world a better place for those they serve and for going above and beyond to do their part in creating a dementia capable society. .

At Dementia Care Specialists, we have also made a commitment, pledging  to create a dementia capable society by partnering with one person, one organization at a time. It  truly is my honor and privilege to be the chosen training partner/provider of Twin Cities Care. Working together, we can, and we will, make the world a better place for those living with dementia, their loved ones, and their care partners.

If you’d like to learn more about how your organization can earn the Dementia Capable Care – Workforce Leader recognition, click here to access DCC-WL FAQs.


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Posted July 2024

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